Timetable from 1. June 2020

Please sign in for ALL the classes in the studio here!!! (We have only 12 spots per class!)

A few classes are still online, see here!


We open the Studio at 6.50am, First Class starts at 7am! 

You should be finished in time! (If you are a little late in the beginning, it doesn't matter :-))

Second class 8.45h! We have to keep the groups separate :-)

Please wear a mask in the front area, you can take it off on your mat! 

Please bring your own mat (if possible) and wear your Yoga clothes already! 

(Changing Room and Shower are not useable!)

AND MOST IMPORTANT: Sign in here!!! (We have only 12 spots per class!)


For the Intro Course Ashtanga Yoga please see the dates here and sign in for it!


On Public Holidays there is normally no teaching (but see the information on News!) 

Changes in the Timetable you also find on NEWS.