Danka Bednarova

Danka discovered Yoga in her late twenties, searching for meaning in her life, and the seeking for freedom from everyday suffering and found an answer in Yoga.

Throughout many years of practice and constant study in Europe, India and Australia, she had the opportunity to meet and study with many of the

world’s most famous Yoga Teachers, including her long-standing Teacher Vijay Kumar in Mysore, Eileen Hall in Australia and Matthew Sweeney.

In 2008 she opened her own Center, one of the first Centers of its kind in Slovakia, where she offered various Styles of Yoga, including Ashtanga Yoga.

Today Danka teaches internationally and leads Workshops and Retreats in various places around the world. She is a advance student of Ashtanga Yoga, but she is constantly learning and expanding her education in many other spiritual areas as well.