Mark Goodhead

I was born in Leeds, England but lived in London for almost 20 years before I made the move to Leipzig.

I had my first yoga class back in the summer of 2012 when I attended a Hot Power Yoga class in Clapham. It’s fair to say it blew my mind and I was hooked almost immediately..

Within a month I was attending 3 - 5 classes a week, taught mainly by Dylan Ayaloo (who trained with Baron Baptiste) and thrived off the dynamic, immersive & creative flow.

The focus on balanced breath, body & mind helped me deal with so many day-to-day issues off the mat, as well as on it - stressful work, my physical wellbeing & my state of mind. It completely changed my life. Eventually I realised I wanted to share my passion with others & qualified as a Hot Power Yoga teacher in 2018.


I’ve been teaching Vinyasa / Power Yoga in Leipzig since mid-2018 and offer a dynamic, often challenging but also playful class focusing on alignment & the integration of breath & movement. Each class tends to be different & I’ll usually offer variations for people who want to take it easy and for those looking to expand their boundaries.


At Ashtanga Yoga Loft Mark teaches the Vinyasa Medium Class Wednesdays 8pm from September 2021 on!