SORRY, we have to stay closed at least until 18th of April 2021!

We will teach ONLINE! Please see our timetable and also sign in

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If you wanna join the Online Classes read the Newsletter or send us an Email!



Selfpractice  7.30 - 9 h, Mo. - Fr., with Claudia!

If you wanna join write a message to Claudia until 8pm the evening before: 0176/82017139


And here are the Rules for Hygiene because of Corona!


Vinyasa Yoga  

Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic Yoga style based on Ashtanga Yoga but with more variations. Movement and breath are synchronized, the teacher guides you through a creative and harmonic flow of Asanas.


Mondays 17.30 - 19h (from January 2021 on) at the moment ONLINE!

Vinyasa Basic with Jana

for beginners and all who are interested in the basics


Wednesdays 20 - 21.30h starts in May again!!!

Vinyasa Medium with Carolin Bubner

for all with some experience in Yoga (Sun Salutations should be known)


Led Class Advanced/Medium Saturdays 10 - 11.30h


Primary Series in the traditional count. For all who have practised the Primary at least until the Boat Pose (Navasana). (For the Medium Version you can stop at Navasana and go into the finishing sequence!)


At the moment we teach ONLINE!