Public Holidays:

31. October: 7.30 - 9.30h Selfpractice, 18h NO MYSORE, BUT 20h Led Basic with David!

20. November: 7.30 - 9.30h Selfpractice, NO YIN YOGA!


From 22. August on, David will teach the Led Basic Class Thursdays 20h!!! (in English)

Led Class Advanced/Medium!

Primary Series in the traditional count. For all who have practised the Primary at least until the Boat Pose (Navasana). For the Medium Version you can stop at Navasana and go into the finishing sequence!




10 - 11.30h Led Class with Breakfast together afterwards at the Yoga Loft!

We will cook a Porridge, You can bring what you want :-)

(there will be a list at the Studio or send as a message, that we know who is coming!)




19.10. & 30.11.2019


Who is teaching the Sunday Mysore Class 17 - 18.30h: 

Note: Danka and David teach in English!!! (Claudia and Elena: German and English :-))


20.10.     Danka * (Chanting with Claudia)

27.10.      Elena

3.11.        Claudia * (Chanting)

10.11.      Jakub

17.11.      David

24.11.      Danka

1.12.       Claudia * (Chanting)


Chanting from 18.45 - 19.30h (for everybody and free!) only when mentioned with a *!

* NEW: Please put your name into the Doodle - List, because it's only happening when there are at least 3 people in the list! Please check it for yourself!!! Here the Link for the  Doodle - List.