Led Class

Led Basic

Thursdays 20 - 21.30h with Ben

(currently with Claudia or substitute!)


You will be guided through the beginning of the 1st series, up to the first seated asanas. Basic principles such as breathing, bandhas, vinyasa... will be explained and practiced.


For anyone who has attended the beginners' course or for anyone with some experience in a dynamic yoga style (e.g. Vinyasa Yoga)


Led Medium

Mondays 19.30 - 21h with Claudia B.


You will be guided through half of the 1st series up to Navasana (the boat) - a dynamic and powerful class!


For everyone with Ashtanga Yoga experience (intermediate level)


Led Medium / Advanced

Saturdays 10 - 11.30h ONLY after announcement (online possible!):


You will be guided through the entire 1st series in the traditional count.


For advanced students or for those who know the series up to the boat!

For intermediate level you can go into the final sequence after the boat!


The next dates with Claudia:

15.6. & 29.6.2024