For Beginners

If you have never done yoga before, we recommend that you attend an Introduction Course or Workshop. After that you can come to any Mysore class or to the Ashtanga Led Basic class.

If you already have some experience in a dynamic yoga style, you can also come directly to  Ashtanga Led Basic (Thursdays 20 - 21.30h) or Ashtanga Led Medium (Mondays 19.30 - 21h).


The Yin Yoga class on Tuesdays 20h is also suitable for beginners!

The Vinyasa class Level 1 on Mondays 17.30h is suitable for beginners with previous knowledge!



If you really want to develop your own yoga practice and experience change, then come directly to the Mysore classes! There we can give you an individual introduction in English!!! And soon you will practice in your own rhythm and you can experience the moving meditation! 

If possible come several times a week for a month! For this you can use our trial month Unlimited for 85€!


Ashtanga Yoga Beginners Course


In 6 classes you learn the basics of Ashtanga Yoga! You get an introduction into the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga with all its principles... it includes a short finishing sequence and a deep relaxation at the end. 


For complete beginners!


Wednesday, 18 - 19.15h 

14th of August - 18th of Sept. '24 with Elena 

25th of Sept. - 30th of Oct. '24 with Claudia


(German, English if needed!)


Costs: 75€ (65€ reduced) 

Reduction for pupils, students, pensioners, recipients of "Bürgergeld" and Leipzig Pass holders. Please use this discount code: "Ermäßigt2024" and bring proof of your discount to your first appointment!

Ashtanga Yoga Introduction - Workshop


Sunday, 7th of July 2024 with Claudia

10 - 12h


This is a introduction into the System of Ashtanga Yoga - you learn the Sun salutation and other principles! Good to learn to know Ashtanga Yoga!

Afterwards you can perfectly join every Mysore-Class or the Led Class Basic on Thursdays!


(Claudia will teach in German/English if necessary!)


Costs: 35 € (30 € reduced)

Reduction for students, pensioners, recipients of "Bürgergeld" & Leipzig Pass holders - Please bring proof to the workshop! (use the discount code: ErmäßigtWS2024!)

Ashtanga Yoga Led Basic

Thursday 20 - 21.30h with Ben (until July with Claudia)


The Ashtanga Led Basic Class is the perfect class after the introduction course! The teacher leads you through the beginning of the primary series. Breath and Bandha Work is integrated and the class ends with a deep relaxation.


For everybody, who joined a introduction course or who has some Yoga experience (for example Vinyasa Yoga)!