Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga is a varied and dynamic yoga style in which breath and movement combine to create a flowing experience. Vinyasa means in direct translation from Sanskrit: “Nyasa” - to lay, to place, to set and “Vi” - in a certain way. The body is stretched and strengthened, the mind receives impulses to direct its attention inwards, to perceive and feel - all to the rhythm of your breath.

In contrast to Ashtanga, Vinyasa Yoga does not rely on fixed exercise sequences, but the teachers combine recurring elements with individual asanas according to a basic structure to create a harmonious flow of movement.


Vinyasa Yoga Level 1

Mondays 17.30 - 19h with Jana (in German)


Janas invites you to discover interesting details in the execution of the asanas (postures) and to direct your focus. The class offers new elements every time and remains exciting for years to come. It builds flexibility and strength that everyone needs - on the yoga mat and in life.


For anyone with some yoga experience!      


Vinyasa Level 2

Wednesdays 20 - 21.30h with Mark (in English!)


Mark teaches a varied and dynamic Vinyasa Yoga class with a focus on alignment and the connection between breath and movement.


For those with a little more yoga experience!