Veranstaltungen im Yoga Loft

Diese hier angekündigten Veranstaltungen finden im Yoga Loft statt, werden aber von Externen angeboten! 

Das heißt Anmeldung und Infos über die jeweiligen VeranstalterInnen bzw. je nach Ankündigung!

SECOND TIME IN LEIPZIG: Inner Dance - 3rd of May 2019

Language can be German or English!

How do you embody your emotions?

How does your resentment or joy look like when it takes shape?

How does stillness sound? How does your fear vocalize?

And mostly - what is beneath all those systems and routines of thought, emotion and bodily sensory? Are you ready to REMEMBER who you are and surrender to Life's Grace? 

Together we break free into ourselves.


Theresia Turinsky:

A passionate Inner Dancer since 2015. Having trained with Pi, the founder of Inner Dance,

in Thailand and on the Philippines, she wishes to bring people together, while holding a space for inner empowerment and growth. Inner Dance brought into shape what the dances of life,

the studies of Tantra and her love for sounds and music always promised her: the infinity of possibilities of the free heart.



A few years ago I got to know sound as a form of therapy and was enthusiastic about the

processes of change that can be set in motion. As a result, I completed my training as a sound therapist at the British Academy of Sound Therapy and obtained my Heilpraktiker (non-medical practitioner) license. In 2016, on a trip to the Philippines, I happened to get to know the so-called "Inner Dance", conscious trance. Never before had I perceived with so much clarity (and completely without words), my own potentials, limits, but also my own self, as during and after the Inner Dance sessions. Never before have I felt so "at home" with myself.