Ashtanga Yoga & Mindfulness Workshop with Scott Johnson

12. - 14. January 2024


A Mindful Approach To Ashtanga Yoga  - Discover new ways to meet your practice & life...

Stillness in stillness is not real stillness. Stillness in activity - that is real stillness. 

Lao Tzu 


Weekend Programme

Friday 7 - 10h & Saturday/Sunday 8 – 11h: Mysore (inc meditation, pranayama & chanting)

Friday 17 – 19h & Saturday 14 – 16.30h: Workshop



Scott will lead a 3 day intensive inquiry into how the practices of Ashtanga yoga land in the modern world. What does it mean to use these practices in our culture and how do they relate and land in our individual lives? 

Each morning we will cultivate mindful awareness through meditation and pranayama, followed by an embodied Ashtanga yoga assisted self practice, encouraged and assisted by Scott. 

Over the two workshop sessions we will then look at the integration of the practical and philosophical elements of yoga and how the physical and subtle are deeply linked. We will see how mindful patterns of movement help us to find space in our practice, which helps us to discover more space in our lives. 

This weekend will be an opportunity to delve into your personal awareness of your own yoga practice. 


Friday 17 - 19h


Meeting Yoga with mindful awareness

We will engage with how we approach yoga practice itself, how we meet the complexities of breath and movement and how this plays out in deepening the awareness of ourselves through a physical practice. We will play with breathing technique, chanting, mindfulness movement and philosophical outlooks, noticing the constant and ongoing interplay between these reference points. 


Saturday 14 - 16.30h


Understanding how the patterns of our lives can play out in asana

We will engage with how we move within the constructs of the primary and intermediate series of the ashtanga yoga practice and bring a new awareness to how we uniquely interact within this system of yoga. Using partner work and functional movement principles, combined with breath and philosophical inquiry, we will see that we can bring to light new patterns of movement that encourage inquiry into space and freedom with the shapes we make as a body. Can we see the consequential space and freedom as a way to then see our lives? 



Whole Workshop:

240 € normal price 

210€ * reduced (for unempoyed, students… and members of Ashtanga Yoga Loft)

180€ ** for unlimited members and supporters of Ashtanga Yoga Loft


Only Morning Programm/Mysore:

130€/110€ */90€ ** 



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Director, Stillpoint Yoga