Shiatsu with Danka

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What is Shiatsu:

Shiatsu is an Japanese evolving form of bodywork, incorporating influences from both Oriental Medicine and Western Therapies. It stimulates the natural body’s ability to heal. As well as the points and meridians of acupuncture, work with the physical body, muscles, joints, blood and so on, is included. Massage type strokes like kneading, effleurage or nice smooth muscles stretches are part of Shiatsu. It is characterised by extensive use of pressure techniques over acupoints often done using thumbs or palms.

Shiatsu is used to treat a wide range of chronic conditions and it brings deep sense of relaxation, relieves muscular and psychological tension. can help relieve numerous complaints: such as back ache, sciatica, bowel problems muscular tension, disturbance in sleep pattern, anxiety and stress.
It increases the energy level, stimulates the immune system and brings balance to body and mind.


What is the difference betweeen Shiatsu and massage?

By observing the body, we find that, before tension appears in the muscles, specific thoughts appear and, in parallel, energy accumulates in a certain part of the body. Only then will the flow of blood change, the lymph, the tension in the muscles and joints. Sports / relaxation massage solves such a situation by mechanically releasing muscles, joints, lymph, etc. Such a procedure is excellent for the expression of imbalances and is very fact for both our body and the mind. However, by its nature Massage does not go to the cause of the problem. Shiatsu (and certainly other techniques) works with the energy of the body. It releases the flow of the energy system and, as a result, is also reflected in the distribution of body fluids and in the muscle and thinking is changing, not only on conscious, but on an unconscious level. Shiatsu gives impulses to change the causes of our condition. It gives us space to change our lives and fate. Shiatsu is therefore not a massage, but a treatment of the body's energy system through a touch.

Yoga and Shiatsu is a great combination of a holistic way to bring the body and mind into a state of balance!


How Danka works

These words describe Danka’s passion for being a Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher for over 10 years committed to providing an overall sense of joy, balance, relaxation and rejuvenation to her clients. Her technique of combining the most enjoyable and effective elements of Shiatsu Massage supports deep relaxation and freedom in the mind and body. Danka also believes that Yoga practice and Massage Therapy are the perfect complement to each other. Therefore, she designs tailored programs in order to harmonise her customer’s health fulfilling each individual’s needs. Danka works with a mindful and compassionate presence which can facilitate the innate healing ability within the recipient. Danka studied and practised  Shiatsu treatment and its philosophy for several years in Slovakia. Along Shiatsu she studied and practiced also Remedial massage and Aromatherapy in Australia, Ayurvedic Yoga Massage in India, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Foot Reflexology and Cupping in Slovakia.